How to choose Wet Tissues?
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How to choose Wet Tissues?


 How to choose Wet Tissues?


Lanbl’s experience sharing:


There are two kinds of material for nonwovens: spunlace and hot-air.

Generally speaking, spunlace is for middle and high-end market, while hot-air nonwovens are for mass market.


Non-woven , is also called the nonwoven by directional, constitute the fiber or random, is the new generation environmental material, has moisture proof, breathable, flexibility, qualitative light, no combustion, easy decomposition, non-toxic without excitant, color is rich, inexpensive and can be recycled etc. Characteristics. Like many USES polypropylene (pp material) aggregates as raw materials, by high temperature melting and silk spray, spread the outline, hot-press and take-up take continuous one-step production but becomes. Because of its appearance and the cloth some properties and call its cloth.


Spunlace nonwovens: Soft, smooth, nice water absorbability, effectively maintain moisture, thin, higher price,

Hot-air nonwovens: thick, worse in various aspects performances than spunlace nonwovens. Cheaper price


1, customizable shape of wet tissue;

2, customizable weight of wet tissue;

3, customizable box and bag;

4, customizable length of wet tissue;

5, customizable brand;

6, customizable package;

7, customizable concentration and type of fragrance;


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