About Lanbl


The world is full of beautiful things, like you!


Taizhou Lanbl Plastic Co.,Ltd. is one of the excellent export companies in China, we are specializing exporting various goods through China to all over the world. Our founder has been in this field for more than 15 years.


We help our clients to expand their business by sourcing more than 30,000 items from 1,500 different suppliers in China, getting 50 new items everyday through our strong sourcing network. Relying on the good credit standing and powerful sourcing ability, today, Lanbl has achieved an annual turnover about USD10,000,000, equivalent to more than 500 containers every year.


We have marketable items for over 100 different countries and regions through USA, Europe, Middle East, African, Caribbean area, Latin America and Asia. We not only provide reliable and cost-effective products, but also provide a series of value-added services for overseas clients including verify the business credit of the new supplier which are found by clients directly, packaging design, product testing, quality inspection, international logistics, and international market research etc..


We are strong at Kitchenware items, Household items, Promotional items, Production equipment, Hardware items, Construction materials, Food items, Home appliances, Large scale equipment etc.. Our sourcing network covers all over China. Now we maintain stable cooperative relationship with more than 1,500 various kinds of suppliers every year.


We firmly believe that, with strong support and service from Lanbl, our clients can save more time to focus on their business and create greater success.